Original Concept

Belgium is internationally recognized for its chocolate, French fries, syrups … and with us for its … MAYONNAISE. A true delight, a creamy texture with a very refined taste, a recipe more than tasty concocted just for you, and that goes through all the time, to delight young and old. We accompany you from the first dish of your meal: foie gras, terrines, game, charcuterie, … with sweet and savoury notes declined in:

  • Sauces
  • Salad spreads
  • Confits
  • Hot sauces
  • Vinaigrettes
  • Vegan sauces

Whether it’s a daily meal or a festive meal, La Maison Belge always invites you to your table.


For your salads, fries, white meats or red meats, the flavours are various.

Salad Spreads

Andrews salad dressings have been designed to transform your salads and add flavour to your bland dishes. Nothing beats a good seasoning !!
the salad dressing should always be kept away from light and heat ...
o Chive
o Taste Mustard

o 2 L Plastic Bottle
o 5 L Bulk


A true delight! Confit is a unique recipe in our Belgian house.
Onion base, our confit marry with taste to your foie gras, your pâtés, terrines and game. It is the essential ingredient for all your preparations, from aperitif to dessert. You can test any type of culinary creation and surprise your guests!
Presented in an original jar ready to serve your guests and you can reuse. Our glass jar equipped with a rubber sterilization ring is the best packaging for sterile preservation. Slim and elegant seal with historic stamp, a seal of approval establishes your certification.
o pumpkin carrot
o natural onions
o Paprika tomato
o Onions Espelette peppers
o raspberry onions
o Port

Hot sauces

Creamy and tasty, our hot sauces are ideal for accompanying meals consisting of meats, fish, French fries , rice or vegetables, they bring a unique taste and are very easy to use. Bring volume and flavor to all your dishes with Downeys. We offer here more than 5 flavors :

  • Dutch
  • Béarnaise
  • Mushrooms
  • Pepper
  • Choron


Vegan sauces

The Downeys Vegan Sauces are ideal to accompany your hot or cold dishes with vegetables, rice or fries. They are made mainly with vegetarian ingredients and do not contain any eggs or animal fat. We propose here 4 flavors:

  • The relish tomatoes onions
  • The veggie curry coconut
  • The veggie andalouse peppers
  • The veggie hot spicy samurai